About Us

Putting supplementation back in your hands

At Deluxe Nutrition we firmly believe that we are more than a provider of premium high quality of nutrition at the best prices.

More than just nutrition

We also believe that nutritional supplementation can work for everyone and have developed a range of products to work with specific training needs: from experienced heavy weight lifting professionals through to first timers our team of experts can create a nutritional programme to match your training regime.

This ensures that we have a solution to cover any sporting requirement; from triathletes to long distance runners, rugby and football players all the way through to weight management and muscle repair for personal trainers and everyday gym go-ers, both young and old. Our range of nutritional and wellbeing supplements will support your bodies’ needs and work in perfect harmony with your training regime.

  • Pre workout and energy formulas
  • Post workout and recovery solutions
  • Body health and wellbeing supplements

    Our promise to the environment

    Where possible we have moved away from bulky packages associated with nutrition. This has the added benefit of taking up less room I your cupboards but it also plays a big role in aiding the environment.

    Many of our items are now available in a pouch that is recyclable as well as fantastically-easy to use for carrying around at your convenience. We also offer our capsules and tablets in pouches; this keeping the contents nice and fresh but also ensures your delivery slides effortlessly through your letterbox to guarantee easy delivery.

    Pouches offer an environmentally friendly alternative to more bulkier packaging.

    Finest Ingredients

    We only use the finest ingredients for purer portions

    All of our nutritional solutions are made from only the finest raw ingredients giving you a purer serving every time. All of our ingredients and suppliers adhere to, and surpass, the stringent EU standards that we expect.

    This focus on only selling high quality, pure portions guarantees that we only provide you, and your body, the perfect sized portions that your body can absorb. This maximises the impact of the product on the body, minimises wastage passed through the body resulting in greater value for money for you.