• Helps the to maintain normal nervous system
  • Helps maintain normal blood pressure
  • Helps maintain normal muscle function
  • 100% Di Potassium Phosphate

Lactic acid buffer supplements have helped famous elite athletes and professional and amateur sports people remain ahead of the game, and are a perfect support for elevating stamina and endurance levels, and delaying the time when fatigue starts to set in.
Supplementing is great for anyone who is exercising non-stop for half an hour or more. Our lactic acid buffer supplement is brilliant for athletes, cyclists, runners, bodybuilders and other types of sports men and women.

What is lactic acid build up?

When we take part in intensive exercise & sports our muscles have to work hard, and so they generate breakdown products which include a large amount of lactic acid. This knock-on effect makes the muscle tissue and bloodstream become acidic, and the more anaerobic the sport we are involved in is, the faster the lactic acid builds up in our muscles.

Lactic acid muscle soreness

This lactic acid build up can for example, be felt when we experience muscle soreness and an uncomfortable burning sensation towards the end of a successful session when we want to continue, but have to stop. So if we were just on a long slow run, our build-up levels would be far slower than on a high powered weight training workout or a fast sprint.

Lactic acid buffer

Although our bodies do have a buffer system to modify and balance our internal pH (acid alkaline balance), and can help prevent the toxic build-up in the muscles and bloodstream, it is not able to cope with the heightened demand as the workout or exercise progresses.
This is where VO2 Pro Lactic Acid Buffer Powder comes in. This first-class supplement, which is highly recommended by sports specialists and nutritionists, is formulated using the mineral phosphate. This works to buffer (modify) the lactic acid that the body produces during exercise in order to rev up the body’s endurance levels.

Reduce lactic acid

The good news is that reducing the level of lactic acid can not only help raise our stamina, it may even reduce our perceived rate of exertion as we exercise, so we have a double whammy of positive psychological and physiological benefits to take us closer to our goals.
And there is more – phosphates can enhance carbohydrate and fat metabolism for energy release, and are also used for contributing to a very important compound that assists in delivering oxygen to the muscle’s cells. This drives up aerobic capability and ameliorates VO2 Max (the optimum rate the lungs, heart and muscles can use oxygen). So excellence all round!


100% Di Potassium Phosphate


Consuming 1g, 4 times daily evenly spread throughout the day for the best results to your preferred amount of water or fruit juice and consume immediately. Best consumed on an empty stomach.
This product does not intend to prevent or cure any form of illness or disease, and should not replace any medication. As with all dietary supplements, please discuss with your doctor prior to use (especially if you have a medical condition).
Not suitable for pregnant/lactating women, or children under the age of 16.