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  • Advanced absorption of creatine
  • Have better uptake than plain creatine monohydrate
  • Mixes in just water
  • No Loading Phase
  • Can boost ATP production in the muscle

Creatine Gluconate is a hugely popular and successful sports nutrition supplement which is recommended by training specialists. It has been made by bonding creatine and glucose (sugar) together, in order to produce a superior type of creatine which is easily absorbed into the intestines in the same way that glucose is.
As glucose is a carbohydrate which goes through the digestive process very rapidly, the upside to this is that the molecules of glucose work as an expedited delivery system, and an advanced quantity of creatine gluconate is effectively and rapidly delivered to the muscles, providing them with an elevation in creatine absorption.
This rapid absorption of creatine escalates ATP, the body’s energy currency production, giving more power to the muscles, and bringing in a better performance with increased strength.

Effective delivery of creatine to your muscle cells

As creatine has to enter the muscle cells before endowing all these benefits, the aim is to find the best possible delivery method and body transportation route. Owing to the glucose molecules which are attached to the creatine molecules, up to an outstanding 90% of creatine gluconate is able to reach, and be absorbed by the muscle cells, making it the most superior creatine supplement on the market, as standard creatine delivers substantially less as it is difficult to bypass the stomach.

Who should supplement with Creatine Gluconate?

It is excellent for bodybuilders, athletes, rugby players, footballers, individuals taking part in endurance events involving explosive movements, and other sports men and women who want to raise their performance, and aid muscle repair and recovery.
It empowers people to accomplish a greater intensity and resistance, for example: lifting weights which are heavier than usual, performing more repetitions, and completing more sets. As it allows you to carry out your training for longer, more forcefully, and at a quicker pace, your muscles subsequently adapt and increase in size and strength.
As it is not naturally found in the body, creatine gluconate needs to be supplemented.

Benefits for Bodybuilders

Bodybuilders have great success with this product because they can develop a powerful sculptured physique due to the reaction of creatine on the muscle cells: the muscle cells absorb water from the outside to the inside, providing extreme muscle prominence.


100% Creatine Gluconate with nothing added or taken away.


Add 1 scoop (5g) to water, shake and consume. Use 1-2 times daily ideally directly before and after exercise.