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  • Complex carbohydrate energy drink
  • Ideal for adding extra calories to your diet
  • Neutral (flavourless)
  • Can be added to food
  • No colours, flavours, artificial sweeteners or preservatives

Deluxe Carbo Load is made from an ingredient called maltodextrin, often referred to as a glucose polymer. A glucose polymer’s molecular profile optimises the long-term energy providing properties of complex carbohydrates, without the need to consume bulky starch-rich foods. These bulky foods take a longer time to digest because they contain fibre, an important, but metabolically useless nutrient.
Deluxe Nutrition Carbo Load is an easily digestible form of carbohydrate, and although technically a ‘complex’ carbohydrate, is still readily absorbed by the body. Carbo Load provides a great source of energy. It mixes easily and aids nutrient uptake by the working muscles. Carbo Load is an ideal supplement when combined with Deluxe Whey Isolate and Deluxe Casein to create the optimum post workout shake.
Carbo load is great for anyone looking to ‘bulk up’, as it can be conveniently added to Protein drinks or other beverages to increase calorific value. Maltodextrin can be found in mass-gain and post-workout recovery drinks.
Carbo Load is unflavoured , natural and pure having only a light natural sweetness so can be added to your favourite drinks or shakes.

Carbohydrate 95g
Protein nil
Fat nil
Energy k J 1611
k cal 380

100% Maltodextrin with nothing added or taken away.
Sometimes it is just impossible to get enough calories from a regular diet to fuel your sporting performance. Add 1.5 to 2 level scoops of Carbo Load and dissolved in 750ml of water. More powder can be added to increase Carbohydrate intake. For best results Maltodextrin powder should be consumed before, during and after intense exercise. Aim to consume at least 60g (1.5-2 level scoops) of Carbo Load per hour whilst exercising.